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Much of what people do - be that individual performance, team effectiveness or strategic leadership - is driven by hard-wired biological processes. In fact, most, if not all business processes are at one level or another underpinned by the biology of body and mind. Whilst CHX Performance address many of the same business challenges as those of traditional business consultants, CHX are experts in the biology of business. The groundbreaking programmes chart a path through evolutionary biology and contemporary neuroscience, providing powerful insights into the workings of the brain and body in the business context. At all stages, the Scientist of Yourself® programme provides individuals, teams and businesses with greater control of performance, quality of life and mental health, helping all course participants to be at their absolute best in all environments. Underpinning CHX's cutting edge content is hard data, CHX have created a tool  - MoJo - that enables organisations to move from metaphorically assessing “how their people are doing”, to using hard data to diagnose and predict risks and opportunities in relation to their peoples’ engagement, health and performance. 

The CHX Scientist of Yourself® programme is not simply about mood and emotion, or health, wellbeing and performance. It is about people, their biology, behaviour and their lives. Moods and emotions are the signals and health, wellbeing and performance are the outputs.

The Scientist of Yourself® ecosystems and data tools

Scientist of Yourself® is based on the latest scientific understanding of the complex relationship between the brain and the body; how our moods, emotions, energy and engagement with others are impacted by modern environments, and how stress arises from imbalances between us and our modern lives. Our ecosystem approach addresses all the biological, psychological and social factors within a coherent and evidence-based framework, grounded in neuroscience and human physiology alongside more traditional cognitive psychological approaches. Underpinning the ecosystem content with hard data, CHX have a unique tool that measures mood - MoJo. MoJo enables individuals to map their mood journey and ensure they stay in their individual zone of optimum function (IZOF), through the provision of real time data that measures and predicts both mental health and our ability to perform. 

Personal Ecosystem

Emotional Ecosystem

Social Ecosystem

Reframing Mental Health


Scientist of Yourself® Programme - Delivery

Led by leading academics and experienced business professionals, the Scientist of Yourself® programme is based around 48 modules, from which any number can be chosen to create a bespoke programme to meet specific needs. Though covering a broad range of topics, all are underpinned by an integrated and cohesive scientific framework. The CHX Scientist of Yourself® programme is delivered through blended learning making all aspects of the programme available to the whole organisation.

  • On demand, independent learning
  • Socially shared and interactive learning
  • Experiential, virtual, expert led workshops
  • Experiential immersive events

Our science-based content is intuitive and the methodology for delivery and engagement people-centric. CHX Scientist of Yourself® programmes link learning to action covering all aspects of:

  • Our biology, including energy, stress, mood, sleep, nutrition, and exercise
  • Our performance, for example decision-making, leadership, bias and trust
  • Our wellbeing, for example mental health, identity, purpose and meaning

Scientist of Yourself® Programme - Team

The CHX team is unique and exciting combination of world-leading scientific experts and experienced business leaders. We integrate scientific expertise, business experience and learning excellence into our innovative and highly impactful programme. Client groups work with 3-4 of the following team members:

  • Professor Chris Beedie: CHX Director of Science and Research  and Hon. Professor of Cognitive Psychology & Neuroscience at the University of Kent, UK. Learn more
  • Dr. Sophie Bostock: CHX Performance Science lead, expert in the Psychobiology of stress, sleep and wellbeing.
  • Dr. Charlotte Edelsten: Researcher in Sleep Science at Geneva University Hospital.
  • Jonathan Hook: CHX Director of Learning & Programmes, Former MD of Carphone Warehouse and former School Headteacher.
  • Dan Godsall FRSA: CHX Advisory Board Chair, Leadership and Team Development expert. Former MD of Barclays Premier Banking.
  • Alison Stork: Founder and CHX Director, Nutrition Lead and expert in food for corporate health and performance.
  • Damien Stork: CHX Founder and formerly Ochre House (Cielo Talent) co-founder.

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