All our charity partners require participants to raise a minimum level of funds - usually between £1000 and £2000.  Our adventures are designed to capture the imagination, stand out from the usual charity events and maximise fundraising opportunities for all our clients.  We have lots of tips on how to fundraise and will happily share with all participants in the lead up to the event.  

In 2018 CHX Challenge once again raised over £300,000 for various charities.  In 2019 we aim to reach £500,000. We are also very careful to work only with charities where a minimum of 80% of revenue is channelled away from admin costs and into the causes themselves.  In order to help charities maximise revenue CHX aims to make them the very best charity fundraising events on the planet!  

The aim is that the events are accessible to all, both financially and geographically, and that everyone who wants to raise money for a cause is able to come and do it in the most extraordinary way. 

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If you are interested in participating in an existing event, or work for a charity that is interested in designing a tailored fundraising event get in touch with us.