The Science Team

Professor Chris Beedie

CHX Science Director

Chris works closely with Damien and leads development of content for all CHX Performance programmes.  He manages and coordinates the CHX science team, ensuring that the programmes reflect the latest scientific research and that the sciences all work in unison to achieve improved mental performance.

He is one of the very few research academics that has extensisve corporate experience, and has achieved academic excellence in both physiology and psychology.  

Having originally graduated in Sports Science he then completed a Phd in Sports Psychology.  Chris is now Professor of Applied Sport & Exercise Science at Canterbury Christ Church University and Director of Research at UK Active, a not for profit organisation that seeks to promote exercise for improved physical and mental health. Chris is also a highly qualified and experienced personal trainer and coach who loves nothing more than working with clients in the experiential learning environment.


Chris has dedicated his life to sport and exercise and not only from an academic perspective.  He has competed at a very high level in track and road cycling, crew rowing and has represented Great Britain in both Olympic distance and Ironman triathlon at the World Championships. He has also acted as sports science consultant with clients including international endurance athletes and the British Army. As a psychologist he has two main areas of specialisation, the role of the mind in enhancing performance, and the role of exercise in enhancing mental function, and he has published over 50 scientific papers in these and related areas.

Chris has spent a considerable amount of time in the Alps, and has acquired substantial experience and expertise in relation to the mountains and how they can be harnessed for improved performance. He has a deep appreciation of the physical and psychological benefits of training in this extraordinary landscape, and has first-hand experience of just how tough the trail can be, even to an international ironman!

Rebecca Dent

CHX Lead Dietician - Chamonix

Rebecca is lead dietitian for all CHX Performance programmes in Chamonix, enabling clients to draw on her 15 years of experience working in the public and private sector, corporate businesses and sports.  

Rebecca began her career in 2002 as a clinical dietitian building her experience working within the NHS. She then specialised in sport, graduating with an MSc in Sports Nutrition at Loughborough University and also obtained a Sports Nutrition diploma with the International Olympic Committee. 

For the past 6 years Rebecca has run her own consulting business and contracts have included private health practice and health promotion, specialist weight management services to tackle the obesity crisis, writing an online nutrition module for a university masters degree, delivering workshops for Triathlon England Coaches, working with the GB climbing team, developing nutrition strategies for an ultra running world champion She also maintains her clinical expertise and works as a Locum Dietitian.

She first headed to the mountains of Chamonix in 2005 to build on her experience in sport nutrition and joined the British Ski Academy.  This led her to working for Sport Scotland Institute of Sport as a Performance Nutritionist helping Olympic athletes optimise their nutrition for training and competition.  This led to Rebecca supporting at the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010.

It’s not all about work and Rebecca’s choice of career direction reflects her enjoyment of taking part in sport and adventure. She has competed in ultra running races and likes to get out into the mountains climbing, skiing or mountain biking. She loves nothing better however than enjoying a run with her retriever collie cross dog ‘Lumi’ (Norwegian translation of ‘Snow’). 


CHX Chief of Sleep

Charlotte is in very high demand on all CHX Performance programmes! She is our resident expert in sleep and its impact on cognitive function and physical performance.   She also delivers on the CHX seminar programme.

Charlotte completed her PhD in Physical activity and Human movement science and has spent the past six years dedicated to research in the field of Sleep. She is currently a Senior Research Fellow at Geneva University Hospital and Geneva University Medical School, as well as being a Research Associate at Oxford Brookes University. Her work with CHX involves analysis of sleep whilst in camp, followed by 1-2-1 consultation to advise on how to improve quality of sleep for optimum performance. 


Charlotte's clinical and research interests currently include many aspects of sleep and how it impacts our daily functioning, cognitive performance and physical performance both in work and leisure environments. At Geneva University Hospitals she works with individuals who have suffered a stroke and is interested in the relationship between sleep disordered breathing, cognitive motor interference, gait and the resulting impact on daily physical activity levels. She is based between the Movement Laboratories and the Sleep Laboratories.

She works with a broad spectrum of clients... from patients with Neurological diseases to athletes that need to optimise their performance. Charlotte has called Chamonix home for the past 8 years. She is a mum of two that is a passionate trail runner. She races in ultra distance trail runs, most recently completing the CCC.... A 100km run around Mont Blanc. She is also a qualified personal trainer and even manages to fit teaching kettlebell classes into her already busy schedule!

Dr. Emma Cohen

CHX Associate Professor

Emma is a member of the CHX Science team and works closely with Chris and Damien in developing and delivering the CHX seminar programme. She is Associate Professor at the Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology, University of Oxford and Fellow in Human Sciences at Wadham College.

Emma has pioneered research on the links between group movement and exercise, social bonding and cooperation, and performance and she regularly consults with business and the public sector. She has an infectious curiosity and passion for understanding how humans bond through physical exercise and team challenges, and how strong social bonds can boost health and physical performance. These questions sit right at the heart of the CHX programmes.

Emma grew up on the Northern Irish coast, where she first developed a love of outdoor adventure. She has lived and researched in many different parts of the world, including Poland, Tuvalu, Netherlands, and Brazil. Her earliest, most loyal and adventurous friend was her border collie, with whom she headed to the beach at every opportunity. Exercise and sport have always been a big part of her life, including her social life (dancing counts!). She is happiest when cycling high mountains with a tent strapped to the back of her Thorn Nomad bike and only a vague sense of itinerary. She is married to Pete, who, conveniently, runs about as fast as she cycles.

Theresa Millman

CHX Lead Nutritionist - UK

Theresa is Performance Nutritionist for CHX in the UK and before this worked in corporate finance for many years before training as a Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. After graduating she soon realised that optimal health was more than just nutrition. “The individual should be seen and supported as a whole”. This is when she decided to obtain qualifications to help her clients in every aspect of good health: Thoughts, Movement and Nutrition. Theresa then gained qualifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and as a CHEK Functional Exercise Coach.

Theresa works as Nutritional Therapist for Nuffield Health Medical Centres onsite at JP Morgan in London, as well as delivering a range of client interventions from workshops and training to public speaking. Partners include Mercedes Benz F1, Kitchen Cut, Body Project, Probiotics International Ltd

Her work sees her helping a range of clients from all ages, with a variety of health requirements from chronic digestive disorders to stress, hormonal health and fatigue, as well as sporting goals and weight loss.  She has presented many sports, general nutrition/health seminars and workshops to a number of corporate businesses in the UK, including government departments, universities and schools. Because of her corporate background, Theresa is particularly qualified to work with clients suffering from stress and its associated health concerns.

Alison Stork

Co-founder and CHX Nutritionist - Chamonix

Alison has worked as a registered Nutritional Therapist since 2007 and has worked for private clinics on Harley Street and in the City.  For the past 8 years Alison has predominantly been with Nuffield Health as a clinical nutritionist providing advice and support to individuals and the corporate market, working with businesses such as Allen & Overy and Cadbury’s.  

Alison is now CHX resident nutritionist, leading discussions on nutrition and performance and working 1-2-1 with clients where needed.  She works closely with our chef to ensure that the nutrition for each group is healthy, balanced, fresh and fun!  


Alison has a passion for sports and fitness, in particular hiking, and trail running.  She has competed in numerous events including coming 17th woman in the Chamonix Sky World running championships in 2011 and 35th in 2016, as well as 4th in her first 60km trail race in October 2016.  These hobbies have taken her to the Andes, the Himalaya and of course across the Alps.  When not on a mountain, you will find Alison in her kitchen - she is passionate in her belief that food and what we eat impacts on every aspect of health, wellbeing and performance.

Alison is currently studying a Masters Degree in Food Policy at London University and works voluntarily for the Trussell Trust (food banks).  She also manages CHX’s charitable fundraising efforts in the winter months.